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Franchise Quality

At Gary Cockram we provide comprehensive franchise-quality vehicle servicing for all makes and models - alongside authorised Hyundai and Isuzu servicing.

1 Hour Quick Service

We are proud to offer our unique Quick Service. Two specifically trained technicians will work together to service your vehicle in under 1 hour. Includes a wash and vacuum.

All Services

At Gary Cockram Limited we provide a fully comprehensive vehicle services for all makes and models. Book an appointment with us below, or contact us today.

  • 1 Hour Quick Service

    We are proud to offer our unique one-hour Quick Service. Two specifically trained technicians will work together to service your vehicle in under 1 hour. Includes a wash and vacuum.

  • WOF Inspection

    It’s not just about the sticker on your windscreen. We have the latest workshop equipment to make sure your car is safe and ready to drive on New Zealand roads.

  • Pre-Purchase inspection

    We want to make sure that your vehicle is worth what you pay for it. With pre-purchase inspection we give you the low-down on what kind of costs and services will be in your vehicle's future.

  • Tyres & Wheels alignment

    Wheel alignment should ideally be done once a year to ensure you are getting the most out of your vehicle. It increases resistance to wear and improves fuel economy. Making it a very cost-effective service in the long term.

  • Electrical Diagnosis

    Your vehicle's electrical system is complex. Let us diagnose any issues you might be having and get your vehicle back up to scratch before a small issue becomes a big one.

  • EV Charging & Repair

    Here at Gary Cockram we’re big on EVs. If you’re ever in the dealership, our EV charging stations will mean you’re all charged up and ready to go at the end of your visit.

  • AC Service & Repair

    Your AC is essential to driving in comfort in the summer months. Get your AC serviced earlier rather than later to ensure you’re ready for the heat.

  • Brake Replacement

    Brakes typically need replacing about every 50,000 km. We’re here to help service your vehicle well after you’ve purchased it. If your brakes are worn, come in and we’ll help you out.

  • Engine Repairs

    Whatever the case is, our expert technicians can service your engine to make sure it’s in its best shape.

  • Transmission Repairs

    Transmission fluid services keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Whether you are driving a manual or automatic, changing your transmission fluid will extend the life of your vehicle and ensure easy gear changes along the way.

  • Steering & Suspension Repairs

    Your steering and suspension are important for your safety and comfort when driving. With our advanced workshop equipment, we can ensure your ride is smooth on those bumpy or windy roads.

  • Cooling System Repairs

    Maintaining the cooling system of your vehicle is your first line of defence in ensuring your engine doesn’t overheat. This is preventative maintenance to make sure you don’t run into any bigger engine problems in the future.

  • Accessory Fittings

    Have your accessories fitted by our experienced technicians. We’ll make sure your vehicle looks as good as it feels.

  • Complimentary Loan Vehicles

    If you have places to be, we understand. That’s why we offer complimentary loan vehicles during our servicing to give you that flexibility and peace of mind of having a car on hand.

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Vehicle Servicing

Our highly-trained technicians offer authorised Hyundai and Isuzu servicing, alongside servicing for any make or model, at two convenient locations.

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